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Longest Path
Co-Critical Paths
Concurrent Paths
All Activities

Identify All Paths

FPM traces and ranks the complete longest path of every activity, for each contractual milestone, of every analysis window, using custom algorithms.

Other scheduling software only returns one complete path. This functionality is simplistic and does not offer a contextual view of the entire schedule. Schedule analysis is more accurate when complete paths of all activities are available to provide dynamic variances in context of their driving paths.

Navigate Project Updates

Project updates are pre-analyzed and compared in an easy-to-navigate web interface that includes:

  • Retrospective window analysis for forensically observing dynamic logic
  • Path specific Gantt charts
  • Choice of milestones to analyze
  • Variances and changes between snapshots
  • Collaborative user-defined forensic notes and reports

Easily navigate thousands of paths throughout your schedule.

Delay and Reduction Analysis

Delay and Reduction indicators draw attention to activities and milestones that experience discrete variances between snapshots.

Indicator Description
Wait Data date effects on inactive activities
Logic Dynamic CPM and re-sequencing effects
Progress Remaining duration improvements and deviations
Duration Original duration adjustments
Calendar Exceptions Calendar effects on durations
Out-of-Sequence Driving effects of retained logic

Key Indicator Tagging

Important changes are easy to miss among the complexity of large schedules. Our software tags and highlights these changes within the context of dynamic paths displayed in data tables and Gantt charts.

Driving Relationship Change Driving Rel
Removed Activity Del Act
Removed Relationship Del Rel
New Activity New Act
New Relationship New Rel
Out of Sequence Out Seq
CPM Error CPM Err
Negative Lag Neg Lag
Relationship Type Change Rel Type
Original Duration Decrease OD -
Original Duration Increase OD +
Non-Work Day Decrease: -5 NWDA: -5

Online Demo Available

We are proud to announce that we now have a free, instant, and no-requirements demo available.

The demo is fully functional for 7 days, offering a secure, no-obligation, and easy way to try out the solution. Jump in right away to experience how our software solves the pain of using traditional methods to analyze schedules.