f (pm) = Manage Risk

FPM provides ground-breaking insight into project schedules and innovates a path forward by reconstructing CPM networks into as-sequenced paths, providing comprehensive schedule analysis at both the self-service and enterprise levels. FPM relies on the dynamic logic, observational method, which is equally effective for evaluating schedule risk on active jobs, and investigating impacts due to progress and non-progress revisions between distinct update periods.

Where traditional software identifies a single longest path, it fails to identify all paths of project schedules. FPM identifies changes to paths for all activities, making schedule risk analysis more accurate and gives context to all activities and relationships.

f (pm) changes how schedule analysis is performed within the industry by using innovative software that offers a complete, automated approach.

Audit Schedule Logic: Providing a meaningful picture of dynamically changing paths.

When managing risk, schedule logic could not be properly audited because impacts could not be traced through entire paths. CPM software alone is not able to make the logic behind schedules apparent for meaningful project decisions. Auditing schedules is now completely transparent and exhaustive with FPM.

Changes and variances include path and logic context, providing a clear picture of the data date by displaying all of the driving starts of an evaluated milestone. FPM quantifies each of these events and displays preceding chained-events, such as activities that were both added and completed between data dates. Results are then compared to the as-planned snapshot, providing a complete picture of dynamic changes to critical paths during a specific window.

f (pm) created an industry platform that allows analysts to transition from retrospective analysis to contemporaneous, project planning analysis.

Context-based Risk Analysis: Evaulating the complete longest path of every activity.

Traditional software provides disjointed analysis, where criticality is based on total float of individual activities, and activity deviations are provided in isolation with no context to upstream causes and downstream effects. FPM returns a complete longest path of each activity to all finish milestones for all project updates. It then ranks individual paths by critical impact against each milestone.

Both as-built and to-go paths are combined for full context of progress through the entire duration of a specific window. Unprecedented scheduling context is provided as entire schedules are presented by individual, as-sequenced paths. Analysts can now get an inside look at specific events, discrete changes, and variances between constructed snapshots and across updates.

f (pm) provides pre-processed intelligence where results are ready for further extraction into enterprise-level analytics.

Provide Schedules in Their Most Natural Context: Applying analysis-free business intelligence.

Traditional software fails to provide context for analysis without descriptive clarification to allow for tabulation and aggregation across milestones. FPM provides schedule information in its most natural context and analysts are not required to add additional structuring criteria. Effects of activities and relationships are evaluated against their paths to individual, contractual milestones.

Enterprise Ready: Creating a level of information that has been long anticipated.

FPM redefines schedule risk management by automating evaluations and creating a level of schedule intelligence and insight that has been long anticipated by the industry.

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